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Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice fulfils JoyBeings Hypnotherapy’s obligation to inform individuals about their data rights and how their data is collected, stored, and processed in accordance with the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lara Tozer is the Data Processor and Data Controller for data utilised by JoyBeings Hypnotherapy. This Privacy Notice applies to the collection, storage, and processing of data from clients of JoyBeings Hypnotherapy and members of the public.

Collecting data from the public

JoyBeings respects your rights to privacy and confidentiality and will only utilise data that you provide. If members of the public contact Lara Tozer at JoyBeings by post, via email, or by using the contact form on the website, you give your consent for your contact details (this can include your name, contact telephone number, email address and circumstances around why you require therapy) to be collected, stored and processed by JoyBeings Hypnotherapy for the legitimate purposes of responding to your enquiry or complaint in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

Every effort will be made to ensure the security of any information or data you provide via JoyBeings website or via email, although 100% security cannot be guaranteed using electronic means.


Why we need your data

Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, will collect data for the following purposes:

  • To process, administer, and maintain information about clients.

  • To communicate with clients about their treatment.

  • To develop a tailored treatment plan to fit the client’s needs and goals

  • To respond to enquiries, feedback, requests, or complaints from clients and/or members of the public.

  • For insurance purposes and to be able to reach clients in the event of an emergency or to be able to pass contact details and addresses on to emergency services if necessary, for example should the client inform the therapist, either during or outside the therapy sessions, that the client, is currently a risk to themself or others.  Or is at risk from the actions from another person.

  • Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, will endeavour not to collect any personal data that is not required to provide or oversee this therapy service.


What we do with your data

All the data collected, processed, and stored by Lara Tozer at JoyBeings Hypnotherapy will remain confidential between the client and the therapist (Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy). However, Lara Tozer at JoyBeings Hypnotherapy may talk about client cases, with all personal and identifiable information redacted, in a supervision capacity with their supervisor/supervision team (other therapists) in order to provide you with the best service possible. Your data will not be passed on to any other person or organisation without your explicit prior consent.

Processing of data from the public

Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, will only process data from the Public for the purposes of responding to an enquiry, feedback, or complaint. Once an enquiry or complaint has been resolved or closed, no further processing of data will take place.

In the case of receiving feedback or a complaint from an individual ('initiating individual') Lara Tozer may create an electronic file containing the details and correspondence relating to this. Such a file would be encrypted, and password protected and access to such a file strictly limited to maintain confidentiality. Such a file would normally contain the identity and contact details of the initiating individual and any other individuals involved.

Lara Tozer would usually have to disclose the identity of the initiating individual to whoever the feedback or complaint is about. If an initiating individual does not want their identifying information to be disclosed Lara Tozer will try to respect this. However, it may not be possible to handle feedback or a complaint on an anonymous basis.

Storage and retention of data from the public

The aim of Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, is to utilise and store data only for as long as strictly necessary. For simple enquires from members of the public, Lara Tozer will endeavour to delete/erase any relating data within 12 months of the enquiry being resolved.


Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, is required, by membership to her governing bodies, to keep the records of all adult clients for 6 years from the completion of their therapy. For clients under the age of 18, Lara Tozer at JoyBeings is required by GDPR law to keep records until the child or young persons turns 21 years of age, or for 6 years from the end of their therapy (whichever is greater). This includes information about why the client sought therapy and the notes taken during all sessions.


In the event of dealing with a complaint, Lara Tozer will keep personal information securely contained in electronic files, with restricted access and for a duration in line with regulatory standards, for a maximum for seven years. After this time, all records will be erased, and any paper copies securely destroyed.


When We May Share Your Personal Data

There are times when we may need to share or disclose your Personal Data in certain circumstance.

  • Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, uses the following software providers to process electronic data, including personal data, Clinical Outcomes and Research Program (CORP) and Starling Bank. These providers state that they are GDPR compliant and/or applies equivalent/adequate safeguards.

  • There may also be situations in which it is necessary for us to disclose your Personal Data to other third parties, which include, but are not limited to: HMRC & Companies House.

  • If we are under a duty to disclose or share your Personal Data in order to comply with any legal obligation, lawful requests, court orders and legal process.

  • To enforce or apply any contract or other agreement.

  • To protect our rights, property, or safety.


Your rights

In accordance with the GDPR, you have the following rights concerning your data:

  • You have the 'right to request access' - to the data Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy, holds about you in writing .  If requested, this information will be shared with you within 30 calendar days.

  • You have the ‘right to rectification’ – if you believe that any of the information held about you is out of date or incorrect you have the right to ask for this to be amended.

  • Your data will not be shared with any third parties unless you request that we do so, or you provide us with your consent – this is known as your ‘right to portability’.

  • You have the ‘right to be forgotten’ – should you choose to withdraw your enquiry you have the right to request we erase all your details from our files (electronic and hard copy) within 30 calendar days. This does not apply in certain circumstances, for example, your details will not be erased in the event of an ongoing complaint or dispute.

  • You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data as outlined in this Privacy Notice (‘right to withdraw’). If you have any questions or concerns about how your data is used or processed you can contact Lara Tozer, JoyBeings Hypnotherapy.

  • You have the right to complain to the ICO if you feel your data has been used inappropriately and can find further information about GDPR on the ICO website:

Last amendment date: November 2022

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